Introducing MB Spinal Brace

The” MB Spinal Brace” (MBSB) is designed to help support cases of cervical, thoracic and lumbar IVDD, vertebral fractures or instabilities. The durable and comfortable neoprene harnesses encircle the patient at the desired locations and are connected by two parallel adjustable metal rods that lay on the lateral aspects of the chest, abdomen or neck depending on particular area being treated.

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Case Study – Nick


Nick presented for the inability to use the back legs after being treated for one week at another clinic. Treatment with the MB Spinal Brace was started at presentation.

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Case Study – Lady


This is Lady she is a 10 year old dachshund who presented for inability to use the back legs. With use of the MB Spinal Brace she is improving over the case study.

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Case Study – JJ


JJ presented for an acute history of inability to use his back legs. He was not a candidate for surgery so we applied the MB Spinal Brace. Ddx: IVDD.

Watch JJ's Case Study