Protocols for use


MB Spinal Brace
Suggested Protocols

Because every animal and every case is different, individual protocols should be uniquely tailored for each case depending on need and healing progress.



  • IVDD – The first 48-72 hours are most crucial and support with pulse decompression is recommended. The brace should remain on the patient 24 hrs a day and only removed to express the bladder as needed. Human studies showed pulse decompression works well forming a “suction effect” in the IV space drawing in nutrients and fluid for healing. Alternating decompression and neutral positions every 6-12 hours has worked best in my hands. I usually alternate when the brace is removed for bladder expression every 6-12 hours.  When the patient is stable to be managed at home, mark the brace with a Sharpie marker at a neutral position and have the owner continue to use the brace at home until patient has maximally recovered. The brace can then be used as needed for support by the owner.
  • Spinal Fractures – As with any fracture, stabilization is necessary throughout the entire healing process. Apply the brace in a supportive, stabilizing neutral position 24/7 until the fracture is healed. After the fracture is healed based on imaging, use the brace as needed for support.
  • Spinal Instabilities – Instabilities involving the spine require long term support and may even require slight decompressive forces during flares ups.  Apply brace in a neutral to mild decompressive position 24/7, or as needed during acute flare-ups.
  • Pre and Post Spine Surgery – Apply brace in a neutral to decompressive position as directed by surgeon. (Follow IVDD protocol)


Monitor for pressure sores, especially if strong decompressive forces are being applied!!

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